This one’s for our troops. The guys (and the gals who like gals) overseas, sacrificing for the good of us all. June Summers wants to show her appreciation for all that you do, so this big-boobed cutie is going to get your little soldier at attention and then she is going to suck it until you give her some of your most-honorable discharge. Then she is going to salute your meat with her huge rack and give you a hero’s welcome into her tight snatch. She may not be able to suck and fuck her way through all of the troops, but dammit, she is going to try her hardest anyway.


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Sherry Riley is one busty blonde who loves to fuck and she’s about to get a big cock fucking that’s really going to blow her away. Just listen to the slut moan as she rides that big cock and watch this big titties bounce and sway. It’s enough to make your cock throb some come on in and watch this babe get hammered.

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Who wouldn’t want to fuck Milena? She’s a horny brunette who is always out on the prowl for some hard cock to fill her tight juicy pussy and right now she’s got the cock she craves. Come on in and watch the action as this busty slut gets a fucking she won’t forget.

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The Romans taught us that the only way to show your worth to society is to fight for your life. Harmony and Katie are two very fierce competitors and have made there way to the ultimate championship. This new style of battle will test these girls and excite them in ways never before…

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We live in a world of convenience and we like what we want, when we want it. For example, when you want a nice, juicy burger, you can just pull in to your local drive-thru and order it. If you want to pick up some prescriptions, you can just mosey on over to your local pharmacy’s drive-thru and get your meds.


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Stacy is a horny little blonde who loves to get fucked out of her skull. That works for us because she goes wild when we give her cock that’s so big she can’t even deep throat it. The fucking is hard and dirty and just the way you like it.

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Nikki Cruz is one sexy football star that will knock more than your socks off if you ran into her on the football field. Watch her stretch her tight body and then fuck the coach after a long day of training.

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Raylene is the dean of ZZ University, a party college with a bad reputation. She’s desperate for good students like Guy, but he’s unimpressed with the scholarship they’re offering. She quickly realizes the only way to change his mind is to pull out the big guns – aka her big tits.

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Angel comes try out Levi’s new gym. After a few stretches she’s impatient for her fuck! But Levi makes her go through the usual work-out montage before he will let her get some pounding action.

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No slut fucks harder than a redhead and that sure goes for this redhead hoe. She’s hungry for big cock and she’s not gonna stop fucking it till she’s got every drop of cum out of it. The bitch is on heat and she’s gonna blow you away with her dirty fucking.

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